A Call for Help

A call for help

We direct this call to you after all efforts to address the plight of our steadfast and patient people in Yarmouk camp. Efforts that we waited for and set our hopes on to get our people out of the distress they live in.

We, Palestinian civil organisations active in Syria, call upon you, the international organization responsible for aid to our people, to take immediate action on the following:

1. To get sick and elderly people out of Yarmouk camp for medical treatment, as they are threatened with death due to lack of medicine, food and medical treatment.

2. Get bread, food and medicine into the camp for our steadfast people in the camp, whose number is estimated to be around 20,000 persons, as their lives are under threat from starvation.

We request from you to disconnect this (to get the sick out and food in) from any political or security initiative. This is a humanitarian case and should be separated as such.

We are awaiting your personal decision on this matter,


Damascus, 17 December 2013


Palestinian civil organisations active in Syria:

1. The Charity Association for Aid to the Palestinian People

2. Palestine Charity Society

3. Basma Social Foundation

4. Jafra Foundation for Aid and Youth Development

5. Sawa’ed Group

6. Samed Social Foundation

7. Palestinian Scouts Society

8. Bayader Centre for Development and Creativity

9. Hamsa Medical Foundation

10. Wafa Medical Foundation

11. 194 Group

12. Union of Committees for the Defense of the Right of Return

13. Bisan Social Foundation

14. Abnaa al Balad Center for Defense of the Right of Return

15. Farah Foundation for Child Care

16. Aidoun group


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